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Side and face milling cutter
型号:Saw blade on three sides
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For cutting metals without carbide tipped
型号:Cold cut saw fly
Metal Cold Fly Cutting Circular Saw Blade:Mainly used for the cold cutting saw machine in the hiqh-frequency pipe-welding machine for sawing the welding pipe to length. In addition, it can also be used for the coldcutting of channel steel, steel anale and other small rolled steels in the rolling mill set. With the fealures including high hardness and durability, Superior quality for the work pieces after cold cutting and hiqh sawing speed, the metal cold fly cutting circular saw blades are especially suitable for mass and process production。
Alloy saw blade
型号:Alloy saw blade
Mainly used for cutting all kinds of non ferrous metal.Such asaluminium section,copper material, plastics material,etc.
Saw blade milling cutter
型号:Metal slotting saw with medium pitch

Range: Diameterφ20-315mm, boreφ5-40mm.
Thickness: 0.2-6.0mm
Number of teeth: Coarse pitch, Medium pitch, Fine pitch.
Type of Making Teeth: Milling Grinding(Out Diameter>50, the range Of teeth<25, thickness<6)
Surface of Cutter: Original colour, black, TiN coated.
Material: W9Mo3Cr4V, M2 or super-hard material.
Application: Slotting saws in both high speed steel or super high speed steels suitable for cutting-off steels and grooving steels and alloys on manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic machines.
Remark: The Diameter, bore, Thickness, Teeth NO. and surface also can be made to order.

Metal slotting saw kinds:

A.Metal slotting saw with coarse pitch
B.Metal slotting saw with medium pitch
C.Metal slotting saw with fine pitch

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