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How to choose the right saw blade
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Selecting the right saw blade is important if you want to get proper, smooth cuts on the material that you are going to use your saw on. There are steel blades, abrasive blades, high speed blades and diamond blades. Choosing the correct saw blade is dependent on which materials you will be using, the type of blade necessary and the size of the blade. For example, if you use steel blades on certain surfaces or material, it will dull the blade.

·  The Process

  • 1

Choose the correct size blade for your saw. If you don't do so, you will find that your the blade guard won't be cleared when you get ready to use the saw and won't give you the best service. There will not be any depth in your cut if you use a blade that is too small.

  • 2

Choose a steel blade if you want to cut softwood. The sharpness of the blade can weaken when used on hardwood. If you want something sharper and durable than steel blades, go for High-Speed Steel(HSS) blades.

  • 3

Choose between two types of circular saw blades-rip blades and crosscut blades. Rip blades, ideal to cut the grain of the stock, can do the job quickly but won't always give you the cleanest of finishes. Crosscut blades cut wide, using chisels or carbides, alternate between cutting wide left and wide right. Combination blades combine the benefits of cross cut blades and rip blades. These are common and have a variety of tooth counts from 24 tooth to 80-tooth.

  • 4

Choose an abrasive blade, if you want to cut stones and metals. Choose diamond blades (having diamond tipped teeth) if you want to cut really tough materials like diamond, stone, and tiles.

  • 5

Choose plywood blade if you want to only cut wood. The blades are made from high speed steel and have a good finish. Dado blades are also specific for a certain type of wood cutting, and are used on a table saw or a radial arm saw.

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Pipe cutting saw blade
Pipe cutting saw blade
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